Soul Stories

story and vision

A soul story is an experience re-membered and brought back to life.

We dance, write and paint to explore the powerful images summoned in the spontaneous telling of a story.

We mine memory for visual and emotional detail.

As we embody and give voice to the characters, landscape, and action in our memory movie, the story takes on a life of its own, free from analysis and self-talk.

"Story" goes back to the root for "vision." The storyteller becomes a channel through which the images speak.

"Stories reveal over and over again the precious and peculiar knack that humans have for triumph over travail." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, The Gift of Story

Soul Stories by Four Participants

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"…healing and provocative…. What you share in telling your own story is received in kind when you have the privilege of witnessing others tease out the magic stored in their own memory banks." ~ Mari Saint-Pierre, educator

"Soul stories - two beautiful words right next to each other. I've had two weekend sessions and each one brought surprises, insights, and unexpected bursts of creativity… unique and captivating." ~ Diane Ponti, writer

"One is opened to the beauty of all parts of the story. It becomes poetry instead of burden, art instead of baggage, a shared reveling in life and human-ness instead of a lonely track of thought in one's head. It is a sort of alchemical experience." ~ Mary Rose, theater artist

"Worlds of 3 or 4 dimensions became 25 or 110 or 453 dimensional." ~ Deidre Duffy, elementary teacher and counselor