Performance Labs

the experimental spirit

Through quick, short theater and dance studies, we isolate and integrate voice, movement, staging, and awareness. How we do what we do reveals character, and no one can hide, not even a good actor, which is risky but more fun.

We practice shaping and delivering the story through movement and words -- adding music & visual elements -- with a loose attitude and strong physical presence. We build compositions that evoke instead of explain.

We script and score, practice directing each other, noticing what is expressed intuitively and make that the art.

"Work from the pithy middle eye out." ~ Jack Kerouac

Participants Say

"We learned to explore and work in "image-first" language, and to carry this forward into physical and movement images to tell our stories. As someone who has always been a word-first thinker, this was a revelation to me. My creative vision is altered forever! And I've barely touched the power of this approach." ~ Victor Cummings, educator

"Susan has an eye for what touches us as human beings. She was able to keep the wonder and magnificence of who I am alive and in my face."   ~ John William Johnson, performance artist