Everyday Dancing

physical poetry

The dance arises from how we play mindfully and aesthetically with spontaneous action. Warm-ups become sketches become compositions.

We have physical conversations, dancing between the outer landscape of people, objects, and space. We play with body grammar, dynamics, and focus to shape our movement phrases. Sometimes we speak.

We arrange our expression to create choreography, just like we do in life. We practice relaxing into our body’s intelligent leadership and wild nature as the antidote to doubt.

"To be still and still moving, this is everything." ~ Do Hyun Choe

Participants Say

"...a true dance experience via the movement of the bones, the effects of gravity, initiation, intention, images, and especially mindfulness." ~ Dorinda Holler, dancer and occupational therapist

"Susan taught me to reveal my being through the vehicle of moving my body... expression far beyond words, like music." ~ Jim Reavis, therapist

"Everyday Dancing brings me into the flow experience of being totally alive and creative in the moment, then the next moment, and the next" ~ Laura Berg, writer and editor

"…an invitation to show up, notice, and experience the details around me and in me. I find that whatever I come with is everything I need. " ~ Stephanie Schaaf, dancer and body-mind practitioner