Directing Your Performance

monologues, visual theatre, dance, multi-media

I lead you through a dynamic process of word and movement investigations to discover the poetry, style and character of the work. We compose a narrative with rhythm, mood, and emotional potency, add props, costumes, lighting, and music to create striking visual poetry.

The script is a score that is both set and improvised to give the work breathing space and swing. The stage has an invisible architecture. I arrange the story as a sequence of images that appear and disappear, like a magic show.

"The film grows as you are making it, like relationships with a person." ~ Federico Fellini, filmmaker

Participants Say

"Susan Banyas directed me and two young actors in my show "badgirls," an exploration of my years of teaching troubled teenage girls in treatment. She was able to take my gritty, heart-breaking, poetic descriptions of my students and classroom environment and turn them into a choreographed, emotionally charged yet optimistic performance piece that left audiences stunned in their seats after each show. Her winning sense of movement, lyrical impact and whimsy informed every second of the performance." ~ Leanne Grabel, poet and author

"Susan has been a guiding light in the development of my storytelling/performance art abilities. She taught me what I needed to know to reach my dream of writing and performing a one-woman show in a real theater as part of a real festival. Susan held rehearsal space with compassion, while maintaining strong focus to bring out the best in me, as we created a tightly-crafted performance I could be proud of. Susan is a brilliant director. "   ~ Sue Ellen Liss, Arts Educator