Director's Note On 'The Hillsboro Story'

"Of all of our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research." ~ Malcolm X

As I sat in the living rooms and back porches, rode through the countryside with the people who shared their memories, I felt the power of memory as the heart of history and a healing force.

The script was built from extensive interviews with key players locally and nationally, whose voices form the heart. The Hillsboro Story was originally presented at the Oral History and Performance Conference at Columbia University, co-sponsored by Columbia’s Center for Oral History and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.


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Skin and Bones

A team of teachers from the Portland Public Schools wrote 11th grade Language Arts Curriculum, using The Hillsboro Story as text and focusing on creative writing that spirals between memory and history. The curriculum is multi-disciplinary, meets educational standards, and is available on request. Students were bussed to shows or we went to them to spark powerful post-show dialogue about social justice, history and memory from their own lives.

Primary Documents

Interview tapes, archival media, family documents, and visual art (painting and photography) have been used for acting research, theatre props, set design, projections, art installations, education and marketing.

Your Community Soul Story

I am available to direct or consult with you on creating a full theatre production of The Hillsboro Story and/or collaborate on a storytelling/multi-media adaptation related to your venue.

I can help you conceptualize projects related to your own community history, direct the process of creating original monologues, and generate visual elements to tell the community soul story.